tubes and stats, what to look for?

I just want to start researching tube amp for the stat panels on my Innersound Eros MKII, I just hope you guys can give me a bit of direction on what to search for, enough power and such, as always thanks
What does the impedence curve of the Innersound look like? And its sensitivity?
I believe it is 96db and 110-2ohms
You apparently don't need a lot of power, but you do need a lot of current for the 2ohm load presented by these speakers. Do you know where in the frequency band this minimum load appears?

With an impedence swing as great as you describe, from just the bare numbers you given, it sounds like you may want(need) a high current, probably class A, SS amp, not a tube amp, although there are some large, expensive, heavy and powerful tube amps which can drive 2 ohm loads. (I have some mono tube amps which actually have a 2 ohm tap!).

What does the manufacturer say about tube amps? Don't they make a highly regarded SS amp designed for these speakers? Can they make any generic recommendations (assuming that they will not recommend any specific brands?

Maybe some folks who have these speakers will sign with their comments.........In the mean time find out as much as you can about the actual speaker impedence curve as you can, not just the minimum and maximum impedence. Wasn't this speaker reviewed by one of the major mag's? Perhaps they have already done some testing and published, ala Stereophile. Check it out.
Moscode 401 HR. 200wpc into 4ohm Mosfet output stage. I have not heard it yet but I did own the Moscode 300 and 600 driving the martin logan CLS. It will give you the sweetness of tubes and the stablity of solid state. enjoy!
The 110 ohm happens at the 450hz crossover, the 2 ohm is reached at 20000 hz
You might talk to Terry and Steve at Western Reserve Audio Design:216-521-0900.Roger Sanders had them building a tube amp for Innersound (I-tube),before he departed that company.They are now selling these amps direct.KT-88 based at 150W/ch,I think they are called the 300s.
I know they have moved their business lately,if you try them and can't get hold of them -let me know.They are available for audition.
No,I haven't an affiliation with them.Roger directed my friend in their direction to help fix a NRG amp,since the company no longer exists.
You might also speak with them about the passive crossover for the Eros.It was something Roger approved of-take a chance;-)
I tried them before, hell they are in Lakewood ohio where I grew up, but I will try again thanks, I am really just researching at this point I have so many obligations that I am simply learning til I clear up my life and then mayne ne able to get one but thanks for all your help, everyone
Chadnliz,you might try this phone number:216-544-6615.That is how my friend contacted them last.It should put you in touch with Steve,of WRAD.