tubes and moisture

I run almost all tube based gear. I live in a very moist,damp basement apartment on coastal northern California. I already use a dehumidifier every other day and cover my gear with towels after every listening session overnight and during the day while at work. Is this enough protection and what is the worst scenario here in terms of gear damage?
I leave my Dehumidifier on all the time..Set it at one setting and run a drain line outside,so you don't have to be home to dump water..That should be you first and most important line of defense.....Keeping the dust level down by covering them with towels is also a good idea.....
What about getting a moisture meter to help monitor the situation.
The tubes shouldn't be a problem, but excessive moisture can wreck a lot of other things. Thorman's suggestion is sound. This may seem counter intuitive, but an air conditioner works great for keeping the moisture levels down. The heat goes outside instead of indoors as with a dehumidifier
Lapierre, Excellent suggestion. From everything I have read the best all around humidity is 45-50%. 35% is too low and 55% can be too high for certain instruments like a piano. 45% is a good number to shoot for. Its good for you, your house, any musical instruments you might have and your stereo equipment. I have a humidity meter in my listening room and it is usually between 45 and 50%, but I live in a dry climate.
Corrosion in your voice coil gaps, tube sockets and potentiometers, and deterioration of foam speaker surrounds, would probably be the most worrisome effects of high humidity. Then there's the possibility of corrosion to any other contacts, that are not plated, in the system. A good dehumidifier, or an AC unit, should be left on at all times, except when you're listening.
If you are using a dehumidifier you will be fine.