Tubes and heat...

I currently live in Northern California which has a fairly moderate climate. It is not too hot or too cold; however it does get hot enough in the summer where the heat of tubes will make you want to run outside. The other day I sat in my listening room relaxing to some tunes and fell asleep. I woke up about an hour later soaking wet from sweat. To make things worse, I may be moving to an area like Arizona which makes me squirm at the thought of having my tube amp on in the summer.

I have a Decware TORII that I really love. My setup currently has around 12 tubes heating up a small listening room. I could turn up the AC, but get this, it is noisey. Yes, it makes enough noise that it is a bother during quiet passages. Is there a way that I could direct the tube heat out the door without having to physically changing the structure of the room?

What to do?

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I live in sunny California---in the worst part of the SF Valley.(Chatsworth) I do have my summer-amp.--That be the Belles 150a---Barely warm after many hrs.of use. My #1 amp-s- the CJ 8xses.--(These are also suitable for indoor BBQ-ing,or just making toast.)