Tubes 5963

I have picked up 25 pieces of 5963 tubes
I know only that they are double triodes but can't find more info on them
What double triode that is 12AT7,12AX7, 12AU7,6DJ8?
Please if you know anything about these let me know
Anyone have any thoughts they'd like to share about the 5963 tubes good or bad? The reason I ask is that I'm new to tubes and picked up a bunch of matched HP Toshiba 5963 tubes for my tube amp. I currently have some Electro Harmonic 12AU7 re-issue tubes and a Baldwin tube in the amp right now. I’m hoping these 5963’s sound good. Thanks
Here is some info on your 5963s:
HP tubes are usually very well matched (triode to triode) and noise-free.
Try them, you may like the results. The nearest equivalent tube is 12AU7.