TubeGuru amps from Hungary?

Anyone hear these or know about them?
You have too much time on your hands.
I have been intrigued by his amps for awhile now...
Have you checked out the website for US distributor distributor?

I think they were also there at RMAF playing some R2R tapes thru their new tape preamp section.
I know their F2a push pull monos very well and they are fantastic. A good buddy of mine has a pair he uses with Daedalus Ulysses speakers to great effect. I also tried them with Zu speakers and the amps are great. They do the delicate thing as well are rock out and are supremely musical.

Based on this experience that same friend and I ordered two of their two box preamplifiers (one for each of us) but ended up returning them. The phono section of the preamps were phenomenal but the linestage section was not what we had hoped for.
Short answer: unless something has changed over the last year, walk away.

Long answer: I was looking into these amps about a year ago with the thought of possibly becoming a dealer. Although the web site is a complete mess, the story is intriguing: a former worker/manager/tube designer (which is unclear) for Siemens decides to get into the tube audio gear manufacturing business.

The claim is that the gear is manufactured in the old Telefunken/Siemens tube plant in Hungary. A wide variety of gear is displayed in nauseating colors on the web site, some featuring interesting and little known power tube options. An email to the guy in Hungary professing interest and inquiring about U.S. sales results (six weeks later) into a one sentance note pointing me to the U.S. distributor.

At the time, the guy who was importing these into the U.S. was located not far from me in Southern California. I tried several times to meet with him and audition the amps, without luck. No web site, no phone number, almost no response to email (most of my emails went unanswered). All I wanted was to see and hear one example of the line. Nothing, nada, zip.

If you decide to pursue this brand, and I admit that it is still intriguing, I would caution you to do your research and ask the hard questions.
1- What is the warranty/return policy?
2- Who is responsible for repairs?
3- Will parts be made available should the mfr go out of business?
4- UL tested and certified?
5- How many amps have already been sold, and are there any references?

That should do for now.
A brand with the funky name of "tube guru" says it all.

Come on, let´s be serious.
Similar experience here although I managed to exchange emails and have a couple phone conversations with the rep in SoCal. Still very strange.
I have been enjoying his 40 WPC push-pull monoblocks (based on the Siemens F2a tube) for the last 8 months or so. Beautifully built, dead silent to operate, and they produce great sound. What's not to like?