Tubed Universal CD Players?

I have a group of SACDs, HDCDs,and DVD-As and I would like to be able to hear them as such. I tried an Oppo BDP-95 and found it too "electronic" sounding compared to my standby Jolida JD-100. I believe that I'd probably be happier with a tubed CD player. (I want a player, not separates.) I also do not want to invest in a player that does only HDCD or SACD.
Are there any tubed universal players out there?
I highly recommend one of the modded Exemplar units. Reliable, beautiful sound, and you can score them used on the 'Gon at bargain prices.
There is a Cayin sacd tube cd player for sale here for like 550.00. It is a 1800.00 piece, new. If you like the Jolida sound, that may just be the ticket.

The Cayin does not do HDCD.
How about a Modwright tube Oppo 83 or 95. The mod removes the electronic sound and replaces it with smooth warmth while being highly resolving at the same time.