Tubed preamp for MAC MC2000 amp?

I am purchasing a McIntosh MC2000 tubed amp and would like to mate it with a tubed preamp, but alas Mac does not make one. Any suggestions? I thought maybe a BAT VK-50 SE but salesman told me poor impedance match. I'm not sure what a good impedence match would be for a tubed preamp. He had no recommendations. I also thought a CAT preamp. What's with this impedance match? He suggests MAC 42 ss preamp.
I have the Mac2000 amp (love it). I am using a Classe DR5 preamp (non-tube), and it sound very good. However, I am going to purchase A Hovland HP100 (tubed)in the near future & try it out with the MC2000. This preamp has gotten rave reviews everywhere. You may ask your dealer about this combo, or the Audio Research tubed preamps.
Ivé got the MC2000 and the MC2102 I used the Re-issue Mac C22. If you want some crips I used the Marantz Re-issue Model 7.Seems to have a good combination.As I used the Klipschorn speakers.As a Mac fan I would like to have all Mac connected.

Joseph Lazaro