Tubed Preamp for a Mark Levinson 27.5

Can anybody suggest a tubed preamp for a mark levinson 27.5
I used to use an ARC LS-2 (& an ARC PH-3 phono preamp) with my old Levinson NO. 27, and for a short while until I upgrade to an Ayre K-1X. It was very musical, and sounded great.

My reasons for upgrading to the Ayre, you ask?
I tired of the tube rushing, especially in the PH-3, and really wanted a deeper, darker background, especially for my turntable. The Ayre came up used locally, so I jumped on it.

PS You have good taste in amps! I like the sound of the Levinson amps so much, that when I needed more power, I just sold the No. 27, and went to the No. 23 (200 wpc).

Good Luck!
I use my ML 27.5 with ARC LS3B line stage.However it is not tubed.For tubes I like Rogue Magnum 99.
i used a counterpoint sa5.1 with my 27.5 before. it matched pretty well. very neutral
Not tubed, but the No. 26 w/phono is a good option.

If you like the euphony of the 300b tube. What about a BAT or a Lamm if you want to preserve the dark sound?
That was supposed to say Manley Neo classic in front of that 300 tube part up there.