tubed pre for vandersteen 3a sig's

Just purchased a pair of Vandersteen 3a Signatures. Wanting to preserve 2 channel sound, I would like a tubed preamp ($2k and under) with a theater pass thru. Initially, I will use an Innersound two channel amp for the Vandie's. Would also like amp recommendations in case the Innersound does not work out.

Your thoughts and recommendations will be most appreciated.
I woudl rec a more middle of the road preamp fore the great Vandy speakers. Try the BC3 from Blue Circle or the Audio Research preamps. They should both blend wonderfully with your speakers.
Can't beat an Audible Illusions 3a for the $, otherwise
stretch for a used, relatively recent CAT.
ARC is a bit lighter, brighter and will also match well, esp a used SP-15.
good luck!
These sound like excellent recommendations. Thanks for taking the time to assist...

ARC is the way to go with Vandys..