Tubed pre-amp w/ balanced outputs?

Could anyone suggest one? Do they exist?
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BAT pre-amps and Sonic Frontiers pre-amps do and they're very nice
I've been very pleased with my Audio Research LS 25 Mk II.
Kora Eclipse, with remote
The LS16 Audio Research is the same guts as the LS25, only it's got less inputs....nothing more.(even according to the AR technicians. And,the LS16 is much cheaper used.(upgraded tubes are mandatory for better sound)
What price range are you after?
Of course, Balanced Audio Technology (BAT) comes to mind as well as the Aesthetix (sp) Callisto. Also, any of a number of tube pre using transformer-coupled outputs usually also offer balanced outs, such as Audio Note and possibly the soon to be released WAVAC "reference" pre-amp. I'm sure there are others as well.
Blue Circle preamps starting with the BC9 have balanced outputs and use tubes. I have never heard it, but as an awner ogf the BC3 (two levels "down") I aspire to it! There is also the ultimate BC preamp the AG series with balanced inputs and outputs
Atma-sphere MP-1 and MP-3 with both balanced ins and outs (as well as RCA's). And both have great phono sections INCLUDED!
Add McIntosh to the list with their superb C2200 that has 4 balanced inputs and 3 balanced outputs.
Ditto on the C2200 - it's a great choice.