Tubed integrated for PBN Montana SP 3?

I am looking for opinions on whether a Unison Research Unico hybrid integrated amp (tubed input stage with mosfet solid state output stage) would work well with PBN Montana SP IIIs speakers. I am reluctant to go the full tube route and thought a hybrid might fit the bill for these speakers. I am using an Arcam CD72T source along with Musical Fidelity A3cr pre / power amp combination with kimber Kable 8TC/4TC bi-wire. The Montanas might be considered slightly on the cool side of neutral, if not pretty much neutral across the frequency range. Was thinking about the Unico to give the Montanas a more warm musicality. Looking for opinions.

Don't know how much money we're talking here but I run my Montana speaks with tube amps.To me a stereo amp is a compromise-- an intergrated even more so.
Don't know about the Unico, other than what I've read here and in Audio Asylum. But I did investigate it and I choose the PrimaLuna Prologue One, for just the reasons you mentioned. Its all tube and has only the basic functions, but its very well built and its idiot proof. You can also tailor its sound to taste by changing power and small tubes, so your not stuck with a house sound.
What does anybody think about the Rogue Audio Tempest Magnum integrated tube amp? and more importantly how it might sound with the PBN Montana SP3s?