Tubed DAC w Balanced Out & Volume Control

I'm looking for such a creature for my small bedroom system, to feed a pair of Hypex Ncore 400 monoblocks going into Harbeth P3 monitors. Right now I'm using an (original version) Wyred4Sound DAC2, and am also thinking of checking out a Benchmark - both have balanced outs. But I'd prefer one with a tube output section. Recommendations?

Thanks, Peter
Ayon CD5S (and its successor and standalone DAC).

Analogue volume control
True Balanced architecture
Tube output stage and power supply
I would judge a dac by sound quality, and not some generic feature, but that's just me. The Aesthetix Pandora will meet all of your specifications. It may even sound good, too.
I would judge a dac by sound quality, and not some generic feature, but that's just me.

It's not just you ZD.
Not sure of your budget, but the Cary DAC200ts fits what you are looking for.

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ZD... I agree. I'm not limited to a tubed preamp/DAC, although I am limited to balanced because I hear that the NCORE amps do better driven balanced. I am definitely going to try the Benchmark, because I hear that they are no longer so analytical as their early iterations, and are much more musical. Anyone else know the Benchmark?

What I am looking for is a slightly more forward midrange, but warm, and the type of spaciousness typically associated with tubes. But I'll take it however I can get it. More suggestions?
Sorry, I didn't mean to be too negative in my last post. There's just been a run of questions lately treating components like they're generic items. "Should I get a stereo amp or monos?, bipolar or mosfet's?". Things like that.

Anyway, back to your DAC. I can't see you going wrong with the Aesthetix I mentioned, or possibly the Cary. (I haven't heard that model dac, but I have heard several other digital products from Cary and liked them very much). I don't know what your budget is, but if you're willing to go SS, you have a lot more options. A good used Wadia 27 or DCS Elgar are both excellent choices. I know there's other great dacs out there, but I try to recommend stuff I've used and know fairly well.

Thanks ZD. My budget is around $2k, hopefully used. Thia is for a simple bedroom system, and I don't want to go overboard on it. On the other hand, I'm semi-embarassed to say that it consitutes about half my listening.

I'd like to have several inputs. Sources include: airport express optical (with possible reclocker), sqeezebox (coax or optical), Fiio X5 player (coax). I don't think I need USB, but you never know. The W4Sound has all the features I need, I am just wanting to improve the sonics as described. As mine is the original version, one option is the SE version (with or without the FEMTO clock). I will check out the Wadia and the DCS, though I imagine the DCS will be too expensive. Small footprint is also a big plus, as this is a bedroom system.