Tubed CD Player

I would be interested in hearing from any one with experience with and suggestions for tubed cd players
Go to Audio Asylum and search for the Ah! Njoe Tjoeb 4000 and the Jolida CD100. You'll find numerous threads about these (and others), but these are two of the most respected players for under $1000.

I've heard a few of them. The Ah! is my number one choice for under $1000. Not as detailed as a big bucks player, but very very good and nice to listen to. The model I heard had all the options except the 24/192.

For high dollar tubed players the Audio Aero 24/192 and the Metronome C2 are both absolutely wonderful. Another player you should definitely consider is the Audiomeca. I used to own the Enkthuisas 24/192 and have heard it back to back with the capitole mark I. The AA sounded more tubey, but in absolute terms I would call the equals. I myself slightly preferred the Enkthuisas, my friend who owns the AA greatly preferred the AA. On a different day I could probably choose the AA.
The Ah! with 24/192 upsampler has all the detail. The upsampler is the "quid" of the player. Also Siemens ECC288 tubes are very expensive but get the best from it.
I have a tube CDP and a tubed DAC and I'd like to help. Specifically what do you want to know about tubed digital stuff. If you want product recommendations what kind of sound do you expect to hear and how much are you willing to pay. Give us a clue, maybe we can help.
The Shanling 100 with mods.
Look into getting a BAT VK-D5 player, get yourself some Amperex NOS tubes (preferably Bugle Boys or 7308s) and enjoy the music! Wonderful!
Check out the Granite Audio Tube/SS CD player!
Hi Dave

I have gone through a string of (I think) 5 or 6 CD players prior to the recent acquistion of a Cary CD303/200 tube player.

I have not heard the other tube players mentioned above and I am certain they are all good players, however for me I have never heard more analog sound from a CD player. The sound is just so non-fatiquing and liquid with a good solid bass output and extended highs. I have been very satisfied.

Whatever your choice, good luck and enjoy.

Why did you guys have to post this ? I feel my wallet opening again !
I have a ARC CD1 with an ARC has 3 6922 tubes...can sound very nice...this combo was about 7k new and can be had rather inexpensively on this very site.
I am an analog guy...but not anti-digital like some on this site...I am willing to keep my ears and my mind open. I think tubes definately take some of the metallic edge off of the silver disc. The CD1 also has an excellent internal convertor and is a bargain used.
tube cd player under $1000 the AH and the jolida jd100
are good choice. Even with upsampler of AH, I prefer
the jolida the performers are in the room.I own a
AH 4000 with upsampler, I like the jolida so natural.
If you find use, grab it, it is a bargain.
I forgot to tell you, After one year the AH I have,
start skipping or the laser not able to read cd's,
Its kind a frustrating, I took care of this cd
carefully, I did not expect this cd to have a
problem for only one year. Well maybe the laser
is defective who knows.Just thought this is a
good information everyone should know, hard earn
dollars should be spend wisely.
Audio Note 2.1 cd player is a wonderfully musical one box player. I heard this piece today in a system I am very familiar with. Great staging smooth and extended highs bass that was deep taut and tuneful, never slow or blurred. This player took another leap forward when placed upon a Sistrum platform and powercord replaced by the broadband Sonoran Signature. $1600 American dollars may buy this great value player. Maybe a steal!
Another vote for the Audio Capitole Mark II. Buy it used on A'gon. If you don't like it, sell it at no loss.

You won't sell it. You will be saying:

"Another vote for the Audio Aero..."
An inexpensive tubed cd player that comes up used every now and then for $500 or so is the Heart CD-6000. It's a modified Marantz player. If you upgrade the tubes (NOS Seimens 6922 is what is usually recommended) these sound very very good IMO. I now use a Modwrighted Pioneer universal player with the tube output and it is excellent as well. I don't use my Heart player since I got this one but haven't been able to bring myself to sell it yet because I think it sounds better than the money I could get for it.
Dan Wright's modded players are phenomenal. I use a Sony NS999ES with tube stage and the dymanics and detail are outstanding. Very, very close to the Parts Connexion modded Shanling T200 at half the price. Plus I get the added bonus of being able to play live concert DVD's on the Sony.
I email Upscale where I bought my AH, Kevin Deal was
very helpful, He assured me that my AH will be
fix quickly.Well He will even send me heat sink
that goes with the upsampler. Now with good service
with upscale audio, no worry needed if you choose
the AH.Good Luck Saich.either way you wont go wrong
between Ah and Jolida.
Theres a new kid on the block if you"re looking for the most natural sounding CD player this side of high-end analog . It's the Lektor by Ancient Audio. Tube output stage, massive power supply, CD2 PRO transport, proprietary "Silver DAC", volume control in the analog domain, optional analog inputs and granite chassis. I am the US distributor so I am biased but it cant hurt to check it out at