Tubed amp for Paradigm Studio 100V3s...??

Those of you who are in the know about tube amps, your suggestions are appreciated! I would like to make my first venture into tube amps. I have no specific complaints about my SS amps (Bryson 7BST momnoblocks, a little over 500 WPC, but there is plenty of headroom and when we rock, WE ROCK.) I would like to experience the magic so many talk of with tubes.

System and listening specs:

Pre: Modwright 9.0SE or CJ 16LS (Still trying to decide which one of these I like better)
Speakers: Paradigm Studio 100V3, 91 db sensitive
CD: Tubed Jolida 100 with level 1 mod
Interconnects: Tweeking between Acoustic Zen Matrix Reference II and Audience AU24s
Speaker Cable: Speltz anti-cable bi-wire (Good stuff!)
Room size: 25'x15'x9', open on one side
Listening pref: jazz, female/male singer/songwriters, world music at low to moderate levels, occasional solo rave when my wife is at book club
Bored with enough details? Thanks fellow Audiogoners!
After reading the rave reviews on your speakers (great choice) it is safe to predict you will be hearing all the great attributes of really fine tube amps since your speakers are not a limiting factor.
As the unpaid, unaffiliated, unofficial Audiogon cheerleader for, let me suggest the Aronov LS-960 stereo amp which is the amp section of their integrated amp that has remained in one of my systems for many wonderful years.
Prepare to be amazed that 60 tube watts per channel can outdo multi-hundred transistor watts per channel, even revealing all the bass quality that is available from your speakers. As a famous Aronov review correctly brags: no sub-woofers need apply.
If you do not need built-in phono then the Aronov LS-960I integrated amp further simplifies your system matching and interconnect choosing.
I just realized your desire for the ultimate would be more appropriately satisfied by pair of Aronov LS-9100 110 tube watts monoblock amps. Makes a proper "fair fight" with your 500 transistor watts monoblock amps, and keeps up the traditon of Big Amps for Big Jobs. My bet is still on the tubes.
Take a look at VTL. They make excellent first tube amps as they require very little maintenance, and have the tube magic you're looking for.
Rogue M-150 mono blocks. A friend has a pair driving Vandersteen 2 Sigs. They run in 75 watts in triode and 150 in ultralinear. The Vandy's are not the most efficent speakers and the Rogues drive them effortlessly.