Tube Vs. SS Preamps

Oddly in +25 yrs in the hobby, I’ve never really owned a tube preamp. Can you comment on what the differences are in general sonic terms? I want a really fatigue free sound with lots of body (I run class A and class AB solid state amps).

Do you find SS preamps to be fatiguing typically, more so on average than tube ones? Or is it simply the added bloom that's appealing with tube preamps?


Try something really cheap to get a feel for it. The Schiit Vali 2 is $150 and definitely gives you a taste of the tube flavor. I found the soundstage way overperformed at the price. You could even put it in the chain after your existing preamp.

MaxWave. Wow, congratulations! If what my guys are saying is correct the Bramma should be amazing. I know I love my L2ise better than anything else that I have heard. The stock tubes are good, but I use the Takatsuki TA-300 Bs.The Taks are really nice. Many Rossi users have reported these Taks as best. I have not heard the new Western Electrics personally. enjoy!




many thanks

the way I understand it, the Brama can be used in tube mode or SS mode

( class A ) at a click of a button .

Someone should never buy , before he has heard it ,  I know.

I hope it will be a nice discovery.