Tube Vs. SS Preamps

Oddly in +25 yrs in the hobby, I’ve never really owned a tube preamp. Can you comment on what the differences are in general sonic terms? I want a really fatigue free sound with lots of body (I run class A and class AB solid state amps).

Do you find SS preamps to be fatiguing typically, more so on average than tube ones? Or is it simply the added bloom that's appealing with tube preamps?


I completely recommend a tube pre-amp. I have a McIntosh C2700 and couldn’t be happier with the sound. 

Spencer and those using 6H30 tubes, you can indeed tube roll the 6H30s. The Russian Reflektor 6h30s from late 1970's to early 1980 have a special sound, much enhanced over the standard Supertube 6h30's. I used them in Ayon equipment. I still have a few pair of the Reflektors from 1979 and 1980. I have moved on from Ayon due reliability issues with Ayon. Now using 300B in Vinni Rossi Integrated. PM me if interested


@gammajo Interesting! Never heard the Reflektors. Anybody try them in BAT preamp? Cheers,


Sbank, at least for they took things to the proverbial new level, more natural, dynamic, holographic, organic, and real used in Ayon pre-amp in sensitive system. I assume they would be worth a try in the BAT. The 1985 and newer Reflectors did not do this.