Tube vs. Integrated Amps

Pray tell... what the heck is an integrated amp... 1/2 tube / SS?

Soooo confused.

Well you could say it is a preamp and amp in one. Actually becoming very popular.
As stated previously by Brutusab, it is in fact an amp and per-amp in a single box. Also, there are integrated that are tube and SS. These are usually referred to as "hybrids". These usually have a MOSFET output and tube input stage. Sonic Frontiers Anthem, Copland CSA28, and Unison are some that come to mind.
Camadeco: that is where my confusion lay. I anticipated the response re: comb preamp amd amp, it was the references (seemingly interchangable) to intgerated and hybrid that had me confused. Thanks to you and Brutusab!