Tube virgin no more

I never thought it would happen. But yes indeed, I'm moving over to the other side. At least I'm making a foray into tube land. Selling my YBA Passion and moving to a tube integrated. This all started with a speaker change due to a new house, new listening space, and poor speaker synergy, plus a huge WAF. Very huge on the WAF. Anyway, I'm purchasing super efficient speakers that lend to tubes. New amp, new speakers, and soon, a new front end. Next thing you know I'll be doing LPs. That's not going to happen. Hey, I did think that once; with tubes. I'm excited about the journey. Anyone interested in a great SS amp? peace, warren
Warren, I am going in the same direction myself. Have changed speakers and now looking at selling my SS integrated and possibly getting a tube integrated, or tube pre and possibly SS amp. Suppose times are a changing.
Best and Happy New Year. Charlie
Why you tramp!
Welcome to the Darkside Warren - have a great new year enjoying your new tube amp!
Everyone should experience tube audio sometime in their life. We old timers gave it up for practical reasons- not the sound. You can always come back, and by that time digital amps will be perfected.
Great decision. I am very glad I went in the tube direction - although right now I have angst awaiting the delivery of some new tubes to try. I guess that's a good thing. I am curious to what direction are you thinking for speaker and amplification? Also, technically, aren't you still a tube virgin?
Well, yes, technically I am still a tube virgin. As soon as my wife (she's looking at paint chips. Glory be, this is the greatest thing that has ever happened in the way of WAF/speakers) decides on the color, I am going ahead ordering a pair of Definition 1.5s from Zu Cable. The amp I am going with is an Audion Sterling with some very serious vintage tubes. One being a pair of British Golden Lion KT88s. The audiophool I am purchasing the amp from (as soon as I can sell my Passion) has used his Sterling with the Definitions, as well. Loved it. It's a good start for me.... a journey I am very excited about. I will keep you posted. peace and Happy New Year to you all. warren
while I have some of you tubers here: How do I know when my tubes need to be changed? How many hours can I expect to get out of a set of tubes? Do some burn out faster than others? Any tube practices to prolong tube life? speak oh wise ones...thanks in advance...
Sometime,whom you buy the tubes from is more important than the brand.I've bought a lot of junk from private sellers. Spending the extra for extra testing makes 'cents' 2me.
For tube, you should check the Fertin fielcoil drivers. A Fertin 20EX(8inch) with a 38EX (15inch) in an open-baffle should be pretty good with tubes (100db-8ohms). It would cost less than the Definition 1.5. See the pictures in diyaudio(Fertin project-calling all open-baffle expert).
Great I'm going to cancel my speaker order right away. Thanks for the tip. BTW, I was asking 'bout tubes wasn't I?
I agree 100% with Avguygeorge,unless you want a bunch of useless tubes sitting on your shelves,buy from a reputable tube dealer,once youve heard your gear with good tubes ,youll be able to tell when they start going bad by a overall dulling of the sound,kinda like hearing a guitar with old strings as opposed to a new set,or you can have a new set of tubes that you know sound good stashed too compare with the tubes you suspect may be going bad,,maybe you can find someone nearby that has a tube tester,so you can test your tubes every now and then,hope you get your new stuff soon!Peace ,Ray
Yeah Warren me too. My Defs are scheduled to arrive on Tuesday so I'm just going to refuse the delivery and check out the Fertins. Glad I saw this thread.
We're lucky audiophools. Look how much money he has saved us. BTW, are you going to be using tubes, as well?
Yessir, I have a pair of 50WPC 300B monoblocks. Should I sell them?
Laurent, You havent even had the Fertins for a month yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Before that you said youve never heard them!Now your recommending them!Sorry Warren!
Well my Passion has been sold and I am waiting on deivery of my (purchased used, from a Druid and Defintion owner) Audion Sterling SET MK I with vintage British Lion Gold KT 88s, and some other cool tubes, I'm told. Got to learn the tube rap. I'm not nervous anymore. Many of you 'goners have been helping me through this transisiton. I'll let you know soon after the honeymoon. peace, warren :)