Tube vendor recommendations?

I’m looking for new tubes for some preamps and power amps. Any recommendations of tube vendors would be appreciated, preferably if you have had positive experiences with them. Thanks!
I have been using Andy from Vintage Tube Services for years and never had an issue.
Tube Depot, The Tube Store, Upscale Audio 
Call Andy at VTS no emails. Kevin at Upscale is the biggest a hole I've ever talked to in the audio world period!
Despite some folks not liking Upscale and Kevin Deal I've had good service, great tubes, and no problems from them.
Andy from Vintage Tube Services accepts returns and will work with you to find the right tubes.

Brent Jessee will also exchange tubes.

I agree that Kevin is a DICK !
My dealing with him were not good
He does not want to honor his warranty.
Andy at Vintage Tube Services , is the best
He prefers a phone call.vs email
Below if from his website
" 1. Personal Phone Conversation
Given the complexity and nature of this business, the very best method of contacting me is still via the phone. As I consult with you on the phone, I ask questions about your specific system and give you advice that may not otherwise be apparent or discussed via email. Additionally, my experience is that I get to the bottom of specifically assisting your needs more efficiently and effectively having a personal discussion. My ultimate priorities are the phone calls from my clients and fulfilling their orders. Please feel free to call me. I’d be happy to share my knowledge, experience, and expertise with you. My number is 616.454.3467 "
@grey9hound ...agree totally with you.  Your post may get deleted here by those that don’t want to or can’t hear the truth.  Anyways, well said.  You know, sometimes the truth hurts like a ......

He doesn’t do emails as then there would be proof of what an idiot he is.  Anytime I’ve talked to him, he seems to get flustered quite easily and then asks me if I’d be interested in his used items.

@grey9hound +2  - Kevin is not a nice guy to deal with.  I use Christian Whitmore "Bowie" of Pro Audio Tubes. Nice guy - very knowledgeable.  Email him at
Tube Audio Store (RAM tubes) and Brent Jessee.  Not a fan of Upscale Audio for reasons previously mentioned.  Vintage Tube Services has excellent quality tubes, but you must be willing to wait several weeks to get your tubes.
I've used Upscale Audio over the years with no problems.  I generally order tubes via the UA website, so I do not have to deal with humans very often.  No comments about Kevin.  I haven't dealt with him very often over the years.

That said, my tube requirements are pretty plain vanilla.  6h30s for driver and audio tubes; 6550 WEs or Tung Sol 6550s for the power supply.  It get's a little funky when I bought some KT 150s.  The tubes did not bias match as close as ARC sourced tubes.

Has anyone bought KT 150s for an ARC amp from another vender that were pretty closely matched re bias?  My recollection is that ARC sourced matched pairs of KT 150s were within a few mV of the 65mV target spec.  


Another vote for Jim McShane. Great person, very knowledgeable and has always given helpful advice, even to the point of tracking down the technical specs for my amp to make sure the bias point was appropriate.
Andy of Vintage Tube Services
I've used Brendan at Tubeworld for a long time, but have done business with Brent Jesse, and he's good. I like the Tubemonger too- he gets some offbeat tubes - never used flying lead type converted to conventional pin and socket type. Andy I've heard of, and Jim is a new one for me, who I'll check out. 
RAM Labs for me too. Roger Modjeski has a vast knowledge of tube design, construction, and performance parameters, as well as amplifier circuits. He often provides tubes to other amp designers such as Mike Sanders (Quicksilver Audio) and Ralph Karsten (Atma-Sphere).
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Thanks for these suggestions. 
Another vote for Andy at Vintage Tube Services. Always nice, honest and reliable, and great, well tested tubes.
It’s seems as though Andy and Jim are popular choices here. I know that Kevin at UpScale prefers to serve his customers. Two of the products I need tubes for came from my being one of his customers. That said, I’ll likely call Andy or Jim first. 
Haven't dealt with tubes for a few years but when I did I met Jim McShane. He doesn't take calls nor did Brent Jessee. Both are #1 as far as service. I think the reason Jim doesn't take calls is when I met him we could have talked for hours about tubes and audio. Never dealt with Andy but as you can see he is also highly recommended. Never dealt with Kevin either but Jim said he is a good friend and very knowledgeable.
I like calling Andy, not only for the great advice, but sometimes he'll tell you an interesting story.

I would try Jim McShane if I didn't keep getting lost in his website.
I have dealt with Kevin face to face with no problem whatsoever, certainly not for the sensitive get your feelings hurt kind of guy, I guess thats why I appreciate kevin more than the average bear, I like to hear the straight forward truth, and kevin will let you know the truth, no sugar coating here, just honest to goodness man to man audio talk, BTW and if you are a loyal customer of his, Yes he does offer you the goodies from time to time
Mostly, I love these forums......however.

Are we in junior high again?  When do perceived personality traits override a business decision?  Kevin Deal may well be what some claim.  Should we care?  Does Upscale Audio provide competent product and service?  I've found them to provide just that.  I wasn't looking for a new friend in Kevin.  I wanted great tubes.

I've no experience with Upscale warranty issues.

I spent 25 years working as a national medical contractor and oft enough the surgeon who is the biggest dick is also brilliant and the one you want to save your life.  Go with that.  Competency.

The other recommendations may well be spot on.  Great!  Personality and great service!  Yahtzee!  Personality is not a factor for me in this situation.