Tube upgrade for Shanling A3000


I am trying to upgrade the original EH6922 tubes come with with my Shanling A3000 and I don't know what kind of tubes work best with my amp. Can someone give me a hint?

Each tube manufacturers of the 6922, 6DJ8 or E88CC/ECC88 have different sonics (larger soundstage, low noise, warm sound,details, tighter bass.) You will have to determine what areas in your system you are trying to improve on.

The seems to have a larger stock of 6922 tubes.

Expect to pay $37 to $399 plus for a matched pair. Here are several tubes that I listed if my system required the 6922. Again you have to determine what sonics you want to improve.

Telsa ECC88/ 6922 Gold Pin (used in EAR Amps)
Ei Elite 6DJ8 / 6922
JAN Phillips 6922 (Used Audio Illusion)
Black Sabel Mullard ECC88/6922

For added clarity might as well change the fuses (HiFi Tunning or Isoclean) in the A3000 while your looking under the hood.
Hi Lapierre,

Thanks for your advice. Today, I opened my Shanling A3000 and found out the tubes were not the Chinese made; they were Electro Harmonix 6922 tubes made in Rusia.

You can take a step up in sonics depending on how you want your system voiced with different tubes.

Enjoy and keep discovering.
By the way, there are about 8 fuses on my Shanling A3000 and should I replace them all?

Honestly, replacing 8 fuses would be extremely expensive compared to the price of the unit. I would not think that the funds spent on that could not do more improvement somewhere else.
If you had one or two fuses this would be a nice tweak but eight fuses is a bit costly at $30 each.

Anybody know if the balanced input on the Shanling A-3000 uses the tube stage or goes through opamps?