Tube tweak

The following is strictly at your own risk:

Treating the base of the rectifier and power tubes on my Wavac EC300b with Stein Music Maestro lacquer has resulted in a significant increase in air around individual instruments as well as heightening and deepening of the soundstage. The amp seems ‘faster’
I applied 2 coats to the outside ceramic base of the tubes. The impact on the rectifiers was the more significant. Again, enjoy strictly at your own risk.
Well, it certainly won't harm the tube!
I read this article 8 years ago
Is this what you are using?

Cables,fuses,outlets,break in and all the other stuff........ If your ears like it and nothing catches on fire, go with it.

I listen records/FM radio, and get the bewildered look from people.


Yep, that’s it
I used it on my Teeth and I BLING in the sunshine!!!!! I put this shijiijfbvt on everything.
You are using it as a form of resonance and vibration damping / control, with much success, to your ears. Personally, to my ears, I would prefer a " softer " material in that location ( exterior silicon sealant, as an example ). Enjoy ! Always, MrD.