tube tuner or solid stat tuner

Hello looking for advice, I have a very simple solid state system which i like. Not looking to replace any existing units. Would adding a tube AM/FM tuner to it, have any advantage over a solid state tuner? The tube tuners seem to be a little more money. So being solid state system would be adding tube tuner be worth it?

The solid state Preamp is a Esoteric CO 3x

The solid state Amp is a fully  restored Mark Levinson 335

The Disc player is a Esoteric KO 3x

Thank you for your time and info.


so much depends on the stations in your area...otherwise simply a matter of personal preference, or possibly finding a great deal...I use a Don Scott modified Mac MR-74 and Luxman L-110,  and they sound awesome...sounded great before the mods too...

I am a big fan of tubes but I use a Fanfare FT 1a and a Magnum Dynalab MD 102.  Both great tuners.  The Fanfare is an amazing tuner for when it was built.  I think around 94.   You can find them cheap and they sound great and have great reception.  If you can find a B&K 108 it is essentially the same tuner.  Built for B&K by Fanfare 

@tablejockey, According to Audio Classics, the MR 78 is the best sounding solid state Tuner McIntosh made. I was wrong about it being tubes, I should have known better. 

My tube tuner, a Magnum Dynalab 108T  is a bit warmer sounding than my best SS tuner, a Accuphse T-101. Both sound excellent but the tube one was about 6x more expensive. In hindsight, even though the MD 108T sounds incredible, I could live without the tube tuner given the high quality of my refurbished Accuphase.

I also have a refurbished SS Sansui 9090. It is not as good as the MD and Accuphase but pretty close. The Accuphase and Sansui cost me $1200 and $700. I consider that a steal for the sound they produce.

I have commented on other tuner threads why I like my FM reception over the same internet stream so I will not repeat here.