tube tuner or solid stat tuner

Hello looking for advice, I have a very simple solid state system which i like. Not looking to replace any existing units. Would adding a tube AM/FM tuner to it, have any advantage over a solid state tuner? The tube tuners seem to be a little more money. So being solid state system would be adding tube tuner be worth it?

The solid state Preamp is a Esoteric CO 3x

The solid state Amp is a fully  restored Mark Levinson 335

The Disc player is a Esoteric KO 3x

Thank you for your time and info.


Maybe a dumb question, but are people getting better SQ with any tuner vs. streaming internet radio via a good streamer? 

All SS System, I’d stick with SS Tuner.

If considering used or vintage, my Carver AM/FM Tuner incorporated some of his unique patents, very capable reception. I had the TX-2 AM/FM Tuner.



I have tube amp and went for tube tuner/preamp, McIntosh mx110z. It is amazing, however all reviews say it needs a strong signal.

I listen to 88.3 WBGO Jazz FM only. I have a large TV antenna in the attic, aimed at my Jazz station’s broadcasting antenna near Columbus Circle, NYC.

All FM is between TV channel 6 and 7 on TV antennas

Seems Carver also made combo tuner/preamps


Carver made a lot of stuff in a gray color, then some black, ....


For tubes, get yourself a McIntosh MR78 tuner.   It is the best sounding tube tuner they make.  Used ones come up for sale all the time.  

"For tubes, get yourself a McIntosh MR78 tuner."

Edit for stereo5- The Macintosh MR71 is Macs last tube model, ending in 1969.

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Arguably 2nd only to the Marantz 10B which is considered top of the food chain.

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My daily driver is a 67’. Couldn’t imagine not having it. I don’t stream. I switch to the tuner with Classical as a "palette cleanse" during LP flips. Depending on where you’re at, the only stations with substance are the NPR broadcasts of new, Classical and Jazz. R&R radio at least in Los Angeles is long gone.

Tube tuner fanatics also acknowledge to REL Precedent as the holy grail. It was the inspiration for the Marantz 10B.

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Depending on your location, NPR news, Classical/Jazz on the left side of the dial are the only stations with substance. R&R radio at least in LA is long gone.

so much depends on the stations in your area...otherwise simply a matter of personal preference, or possibly finding a great deal...I use a Don Scott modified Mac MR-74 and Luxman L-110,  and they sound awesome...sounded great before the mods too...