tube tuner and sources

I bought Rogue 99 and 88 was thoroughly enjoying tube sound. I have non-tube CD player and does not know what I have missed out (will tube CD player sound different?). Can someone enlighten me tube/nontube sources in relation to tube pre and power amp? I want to get an excellent FM analog tuner, so want advice on (1) if tube FM tuner is the way to go? (2) excellent tube tuners below 3k? (I am thinking of getting a non-tube tuner Fanfare FT1A at this point). thanks!
have not heard the ft1. i suggest going to see some posts on audioreview by a guy named kirby klause. i followed his advice and bought a mac 67. it is much better than my carver tx11; hk 9600; nad 4020. (i have all of the others too) i have ls2m2 into rogue 120s out of merlin vsm m....great sounding. i hear the marantz 10b is the ultimate. as for cds; i have only used ss (cal 15 and birdland dac) i really like the birdland...more musical than cal. hope this helped. if you get to a/b fanfare and some of the classics....let me know.
An audiophile friend suggested McIntosh MR 71 and Marantz 10B for distinct tube sound. I checked Audiogon forum and found Tuner discussion to be crazy about Magnum Dynalab Etude/101A or Fanfare FT1A, perhaps for other reasons besides tube sound. I have not a/b the last two with McIntosh or Marantz, so if anyone has, let me know, thanks!
JVR and et al.
I was lucky to have the opportunity to audition Magnum Dynalab Etude, Fanfare FT-1A, Mcintosh 67 over the weekend. My initial impression at this point is Mac does give you the fluid, warm sound of tube that could not be produced by others (amazing!). But in terms of receptivity and clarity, Fanfare FT-1A is the best (CD quality if the station is using that). I wish I have more time a/b FT-1A and Mc 67. So if you have any experience, let me know. Thanks!
I recently bought a Mac MR 71 tuner and sent it to Audio Classics for an upgrade and overhaul which cost $500.It's supposed to be much better than the original. I'll post a report here as soon as I have a chance to listen. I currently have an MD 102 and a Mac MR77 so I'll have something to compare to.
Like Khaki8 I too have a Mac MR 71 on its way back from Audio Classics; I will be able to A/B it with the much heralded (on that OTHER website - Yamaha TX-930/950, which measures very well indeed. I am told that the MR 71, like the Marantz 10B, delivers the goods in spades. We shall see; I've sunk a lot of $$$ into the Mac MR 71, and hope it pays off. Will post results of may comparison with the Yamaha.
I finally got the Mac MR 71 in 2003 and very pleased with the music--incredible. I will not be looking for another tuner. Mac MR 71 is it.
I must raise my paw for the Mac as well, and add that I sent it in for refurbishing/recalibration right to them. Came back great! Also, I added an FM ariel to my roof to great effect, although it attracts cable and dish sellers. But it is worth the look on their faces when I tell them I do not want cable and do not watch TV. Its for music, ye clods!
Anybody knows a good place to realign Mac 71 tuner?

Try Tuner Information Center. If you can't find the info there, it can not be found. It's the Audiogon of tuners site.