Tube Traps and other room treatments

Interested in hearing what other "Audiogoners" are using for room treatments. Particularly interested in experience people may have in trying to treat a room to achieve good results for both music and home theater. I've just added 4 ASC Tower Cube Traps (60" high), and use two 9" full round tube traps in front of the monitor when listening to music. I've read much of the technical literature about tube traps and other treatments, but would like to hear feedback about experiences in real home listening rooms.
I have a pair of ASC Shadow Casters for sale you're interested. They tame first reflections and have four adjustable tubes either relection, absorbtion or both. They are about 5 ft tall and 4 ft wide with beige cloth and oak end caps and feet. My room is 13 x 11 which makes them too big for me.
I use 16 inch full rounds in the corners behind each speaker, and use Frescoes on the walls behind and beside the speakers for first reflection points. I also use two 18 inch X 6 foot Echobusters, and various RPG Profoam. You already know this R Suminsby, but for the rest of you, THE FIRST REFLECTION POINTS CHANGE relative to how many speakers there are. For surround sound, there are many more complex reflection points, and it can be tough to decide which ones have more effect, and which ones have less effect. I don't have a reference surround system, but if you've read ALL the literature, you know more than me already. The advantage with ASC's freestanding traps is that they can be moved around, which is perhaps what you are already doing when you go from 2 channel, to multichannel. In any case, I hope everyone else is use these essential devices.
Tab110s - will have to pass on the Shadow Casters; it cost me a fortune to get four large cube traps shipped to England, so any more large treatments will have to wait a year until I get back to the states. Carl - can't say I've read ALL the literature (I don't own Alton Everest's book, yet), but I've read lots in the popular journals and ASC's on-line library. The Frescoes seen like a good product..did you ever experiment with full rounds instead?
Hi Carl; I have several ASC 11" tubes, but don't know what "frescoes" are? Could you enlighten me? Thanks, Craig.
Frescoes are the best and most versatile product any acoustic treatment company ever came out with! (They've been on the market about a year and a half. Go to to learn more about them. Also, they're aesthetically beautiful...and easy as hell to move around. They're about the bass absorbing equivalent of a 10 inch full round. You don't use them in the corners, but along the walls, so they don't need to absorb low bass. TO SUMINSBY: Full rounds actually aren't as goosd as Frescoes to go along the walls; full rounds work best in the corners, and really 16 inches are the minimum ones that work well for the bass range. The 20 and 24 inch ones are ideal if you need to smooth your room's bottom octave energy. I've only needed to smooth the middle and upper bass energy.
Thanks Carl. TO SUMINSBY??? Craig.
The argument I've heard in favor of full rounds is that you can rotate them to adjust the amount of the diffussor covering that is oriented towards the listener. I assume the Frescoes are absorbtive on one side, and diffusive on the other?
Hi Rmin.. & Carl; I couldn't find frescoes on ASC's web site because they were discontinued some time ago due to lack of demand (I just called them, 541 343-9727). They've been replaced with "Panel Traps" which are 15"W, 8"D, and 60" high. These are free standing and sell for $298. for a pair. They are only absorbtive. Their main use is in controlling sidewall reflections. I presently have 5 11" tube traps, but I could use 16"s in the corners, 2-3 more 11"s and some of those 2" thick wall hanging panels. Cheers gentlemen. Craig
Sounds like the "Panel Traps" are the same thing, only a tad bigger, without the diffusor, and for the same price. I use the diffusor side away from the speakers for sidewalls, and toward the listening position on the wall behind the speakers (except with the Maggies in the smaller room, of course).
Anyone have any experience with diffusors? I've considered adding a 4'x4' RPG Skyline diffusor behind the listening position....anyone tried a similar arrangement?