tube testing - SoCal

Anybody know where I can test NOS tubes that I've accumulated over the years.   I'm in O.C.    I can easily drive up to L.A.   Would there be a cost?   Thx!
Check with Joe Knight and/or Tom Carione at Brooks Berdan Ltd. in Monrovia, just east of Pasadena. BBL has a tube tester, and Joe is a rare/vintage tube collector/dealer.
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@dweller, I’m not so sure Kevin wants to lend his tube tester to someone bringing in his own tube collection! He might charge by the hour?

@steakster, I had Joe Knight at Brooks Berdan Ltd. measure my KT88’s and KT120’s just to see how they were (one 88 was weak), but I was a regular customer at the shop. Both he and BBL tech Tom Carione are very nice, mild-mannered guys, but even they may balk at the idea of letting a stranger use their tube tester on his own tube collection. Joe scrounges around SoCal for old tubes, and may be willing to test all yours for a modest fee. Give him a call on a Saturday, or Tom on a Wednesday or Saturday.

J.K. Electronics in Westminster has a self-serve tube tester.
@musicpod    Thx!  Went to J.K. electronics this morning.   Their machine is very basic for 'Good' or 'Replace'.   But, that's all that I needed. I'm pleased that my Bugle Boys and 7316's pinned beyond 'Good'.
That's great.  Glad I was able to help.