Tube testing in the SF Bay area?

I'm bringing my Rogue 99 back online after almost twenty years of storage and am wondering if there is someplace reasonably local where I can have my tubes tested.
I’d be more worried about the caps than the tubes after 20 years in a box.
If it was working before you put it away, I would not worry about the tubes.
Sounds like maybe 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it'. Love the way this thing sounds.
i agree with the comments made

tubes rarely fail when stored... old capacitors are another matter

don't know where you are in the sf bay... i have a great tech who knows his way well around tube amps and can test tubes as well, in san rafael

(i personally have a very good tube tester as well, can easily test your 6sn7's)

message me if you would like the contact
jjss49. Who is the tech in San Rafael and where is he/she located? I was unaware of a good tech in the area. Thanks.
chris b on mission st above 5th