Tube Tester Repair

I am trying to find a technician who can check over my Lafayette TE-50 tube tester. I have been buying/trying NOS 5751 and 12au7s for my C-J PV-11. Before installing them in the C-J I have been checking these and each one shows gas leaks on pins 3 & 5. Too much of a coincidence to believe this is accurate. I'm in Northern Westchester Cty, NY about 60 miles out of NYC. I would prefer to deliver/pickup as opposed to ship. Any recommendations would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance for your replies.
Do you have any idea who manufactured the Lafayette tester? Surely it was contracted to B&K, Hickok, or other large company. Once that is known, there are several reputable people who service those who might tackle the job.
Not where you want it, but perhaps helpful.....