tube tester compatibility

I am looking at buying a B&K Dyna-Jet or the Hickok 605A and am curious if a tube tester can test a 6922 type tube, does that mean it can test all compatible tubes...such as the 6dj8 or 7308.

Any suggestions as to what tester I should buy in the $200 range?


I have a B&K 707 tube tester and it will test all of the tubes you mentioned and also hundreds of other types. I personally have not tested the three types mentioned but I did find them listed in the tube book that came with the tester.
Thanks Jab. I'm gonna make a bid!!

I agree, the B&K is a great tester, very simple to use and difficult to kill. If you select the wrong knobs on a big Hickok you can blow the transformer or damage a switch. I purchased a Hickok 752 last year and although it does a much more through job that my (now sold) B&K, I often miss the simplicity of the B&K.

My experience is the B&K is more likely to "fail" a good tube than "pass" a bad tube. Use a little caution on those marginal vintage tubes and allow them a few extra minutes to warm up before chucking them in the trash because they didn't test perfect.
HAve you considered a "Precision" tube tester?
Actually the Hickok (I own three)are very iffy on the 6299/8dj8 tubes. I always test this series of tube on my B&K rather than the Hickok's.