Tube tester

I don't know much about it but it looks interesting.



All I get when I click on the link is a message from Norton that says "dangerous web page blocked."

That's not good.

Try a search on Orange Essentials.

It's under Audio Accessories. 

BTW, The link works on my end.

Page worked fine for me the issue for me with tube testers is always how many tubes types do they test? The Orange with expansion module covers a lot but for me critically not 6DJ8/6922's which my preamp uses.They also don't specify what parameters they test for, nonetheless could be a solid buy.

A local dealer has an Orange as well as a couple of TV7’s.  The Orange is much easier to use because you don’t have to set various tube parameters (about as easy as the Amplitrex I own).  I don’t know what it is testing; I hope it is transconductance if it is only testing one thing.  What I do know is that, for many tube types, it will show a poor reading where the TV7 indicates that the tube is strong.  It appears to be a tough grader.  The Orange might indicate a tube is weak when it is not so because it often does not fully warm up the tube before testing.  What you have to do is re-test the tube immediately after completing a test to see if the tube improves enough to be good.  Aside from this quirk,  it seemed to be a decent device for testing most common tubes.  It is not an Amplitrex, but it costs a lot less.

BTW, The link works on my end.

Norton must be feeling overly cautious tonight.