Tube technology Fusion Cd64 any good?

How does this player compare to other tubed cd players? this is my list so far of different tubed cd players. And is it a good choice to couple this player with a tube amplifier? I wonder if it isn't an overkill?

Audio Aero Prima
Conrad Johnson DV2B
Audio Aero Prima Mk2
Granite 657
Vincent Audio tubed CD players
Njoe Tjoeb 4000
Cary 308t
Doge 6 CD player at Pacific Valve
tubed Raysonic CD 128
Consonance CD-120 LInear
I own one and love it. I haven't compared it to any of the players you list, but in my system in easily outperformed a Cary 303/200, and a Copland 289. It is incredibly organic and lifelike in it's sound, with first class imaging, a really refined and warm sound. It's a great value at it's $4K retail price but at used prices the value is off the charts. I've though about a new player once or twice but I can't really think of anything that might outperform it for less than say $5K used. Check out the rave review in HiFi+ for more info and impressions. Happy listening and good luck!
If your NT4000 has the upsampler and better tubes (Amerex for example) you may already be happy at 1/4 the price