Tube Tech Fulcrum Transp/DAC & MSB Platinum Ref CD

Anyone heard of these 2 players? If so, did you compare them to any unit on my short list (see below)? Please describe your experience (Detail, Resolution, Imaging, Soundstage, Depth, Timing, Dynamics etc.) and list the music used during auditioning.
I'm currently shopping for a CD player or Transport/DAC around $3K-$4K ($4.5K stretch) new OR used. From various threads and consumer/prof. reviews, some names (chosen for their particular features) that make to my short list (not sooo short) are: Audio Aero, Audiomeca, Electrocompaniet, Resolution Audio, Metronome Technologie, Ayre, BAT, Audio Note. Not all brands have the features I want (or need) but my limited experience tells me not all features are good either.
Music Profile (3000 CDs): Classical/Opera 40%; Jazz/Vocals 30%; Rock/Folk 20%; Electronica 10%.
Sound Preference: mainly neutral, detail but not analytical, cohesive musical thread, sweet highs, rich mids.
Any wisdom? Thanks.
PS: I need to rely on the experience of A'goners because my area (SF believe It or not!) lacks trustworthy dealers except for one and he doesn't carry all lines either.
From your sound preference list you will be very happy with the MSB Platinum. It is a very neutral, very detailed DAC with sweet, smooth, non fatiguing presentation at all frequencys.
The latest issue of Absolute Sound has HP raving about this player, he compares it favorably to the Burmiester gear. I have thought of upgrading to one also. I hesitate because of the price and the logistical factors.

Has anyone had experience with a moded version. I have heard you can get better performance from the Platnium DAC and a better transport. Has anyone have experience comparing the CD station to the DAC/transportation combo?
Dear Chris,
I am personally using a CEC TL5100 (belt drive) as transport and a vacuum tube Metronome Technologie C20 24/96 converter. I have tested various combinations (my wife got mad) and this one is very good. I have replaced the poor 6922 Sovtek with a pair of excellent Siemens Cca. Sound is excellent for voices, jazz (what I am essentially listening to), VERY natural. I highly recommend this config. This combination allows you to listen to music till late in the night. Both power cords have been replaced advantageously with Vecteur ones. AES/EBU link provides a more detailed sound but the classic cinch connector (I use a wireworld starlight III) is smoother - question of personal taste - I am using alternatively both connections according to my mood ! One detail, I leave the DAC permanently on but it is not required. Another thing, should you need information from Metronome Technologie, the guys are very open minded and have answered all my questions by phone in all simplicity.