Tube suggestions for the Aronov LS 9000

My weekend has brought me to a new level of sonic bliss. Traded for a LS9000 and I have to say this is one hell of a pre. It has rca 7024 tubes currently that sound great but would like to hear from any other owners on other tubes. May the glow be with ya.

Are these perhaps 7025 tubes (not 7024)? If so, then they are a type of 12ax7 (ECC83) that may or may not be lower in noise than a typical 12ax7. Real 7025's have an added coil that would theoretically decrease noise, per my basic understanding.

If this is the case then what do you want more of in the sound?

7025's were commonly used in the phono sections of vintage preamps and I have ended up using either Telefunken of Amperex 12ax7's in there place (depending on the sound that I was looking for) with excellent results (Tel. for smoothness and Amperex for detail). Some Mullard constructions are also nice, but many are not and I have forgotten the Mullard types that I used to prefer, over the years (just remember that their plate construction looked way different than that of Amperex/Telefunken).

Anyway, never heard of a 7024.
The tubes are 7025 labeled RCA. (Previous owner)

I always wanted to try the cryogenic JAN Phillips from Ken Chait at in that preamp. I am not sure the whole cryo thing is not snake oil but it would be fun to try. I have also heard that the Electro Harmonix 12AX7 tubes sound good in that preamp and they are cheap.
I stand corrected. Thanks to Dekay and the Catman for there replies. I have got to go through my box of tubes to see what I find. The rca's sound really good and I may just try to find a second quad for a backup.