Tube Suggestions 6922 4 pathos Classic one

I have a Pathos Classic One that needs some warm tubes with good bass.... Any suggestions?
I don't have a Pathos but as a general suggestion - for new production tubes try the JJ's, they certainly have some warmth not easily found in new production tubes, but they aren't quite as quiet as Sovteks & 6h23's. I use them in one of my amps and am quite fond of them - they were a bit noisy for my pre amp where, as a pratical matter I have settled on NOS 6h23's.

I have the first version (50w). It sounds very different with diferent kinds/brands of tubes.

If you are looking for a good pair of tubes try this ones:
-Amperex 7308 PQ white or orange label, Holland or USA
-Amperex 7308 PQ white label, D getter type, Holland or USA.
-Telefunken 6922 CCa (early type)
-Siemens CCa (early type - with grey plattes) - best of the best!

Good auditions :)
NOS 6h23!!!
Pardon my ignorance, but it is the first time I hear that instead of the 6922, a 6H23 tube can be used. What is the origin of this tube, I mean, what manufacturer and date can be considered NOS....the first time I heard of this tube is that it was being used in some BAT gear, I thought it was a sort of super tube, usually made in the old Soviet Union or something. If this is the case, what are the advantages of using this tube instead of the classic and now, almost non existant stock NOS 6922 and EC88s?
try the dario 7308 if you should run across a pair...they are perfect...
You should look up "Joe's Tube Lore" over on the AudioAsylum FAQ. He's goes into great detail on the 6DJ8 family of tubes. I have found his observations to be reliable. For a warmer sound you could try an early '70s Siemens 7308. They aren't as pricey as early CCa versions and would give you a taste of the 'Siemens' sound; warm, larger images, softer focus.
I disagree with John_tracy, Siemens are not warm sounding tubes. Compared to Amperex's and Mullard's, the Siemens sound leaner. That doesn't mean that the Siemens sound bad, mind you.
John_tracy's description of "warm, larger images, softer focus" is closer to the sound of Philips E188cc than Siemens 7308, in my opinion. I have used both tubes in my system, and they're both excellent...just different flavors.
When I had my version 2, I found the 6dj8 amperex's to give the best soundstage/imaging/bass, plus I have a ton of them for pretty cheap if you need some, both NOS and like NOS.

I have tried mullard/siemans/amperex ect and found the amperex to give the best sonics for MY EARS.
"I have tried mullard/siemans/amperex ect and found the amperex to give the best sonics for MY EARS."

AMEN to that. I burn Amperex in my rig.
What is a good, reliable, reasonable priced source for Amperex?

I just installed a pair of Amperex 7308 tubes in my Pathos Classic One. There was a noticiable improvement in bass response and openess. However the most stunning upgrade that has affected the Pathos Amp. was installing a Richard Gray power supply. Particularly the 600s. Before this effort I was ready to get rid of this amp it had no life and no dynamics. A beauty with no personality. When I played the first song after plugging my equipment into this power supply my jaw literally dropped. I had to take back all the negative things I said about Sam Tellig of sterophile. Hope this is usefull.