Tube substitute

I have a Bat VK75se and I'm going
on the quest for the best tubes for
this amp.I currently have RCA red base
5692 in place of the original 6SN7-GT
and old sylvania(visseaux)6V6GT in place of
6V6GT electro-harmonic.This combination
is much better to my ears. Any other
suggestions would be welcome.
You're likely already doing really well with the 5692s. I ended up going with them on my Blue Circle BC2s after trying many others. A couple of tubes that are supposed to be even better are ECC32/CV181 type tubes, in particular those made by Mullard. Also, I am given to believe ECC34 may be even better than those. I haven't tried them though. I don't know about the other tube type you mention. Good luck.
IMHO the best 6SN7s are the US made brands from the 1940s. Euro tubes just dont' compare. Not only that, they are really not the same tube... ECC32, 34 are not equal to 6SN7, CV1988 is. Neither is 5962, to some degree. (275v rating vs. 300 or 450 for 6SN7GT/GTA-B.) Whether they will work ok or not depends on the circuit - check with Victor K.

Favorite 6SN7s: Tung Sol black glass, Sylv. tall boy and VT-231, National Union, Ken-Rad, Sylv. 6SN7W.

Favorite 6V6: coated-glass versions from KenRad, Tung Sol, Sylv., some RCAs, National Union.

Saxman, just to follow up - yes I agree with Ed - definitely check whehter the EC32 or 34 would indeed work with your system as they are not 6SN7 tubes but in many cases would work fine in that position (I checked with Supratec to see would they work for my upcoming new preamp and they confirmed that they would work fine, but maybe they wouldn't work for certain other amps). Also, I concur with Ed, the US tubes are typically the best. My understanding is that the best 5692 tube is the RCA Red Base, which is what I bought. Good luck.
I buy old organs , Baldwin's and Allen's and they all have lots of American 6SN7's in them. Each organ sometimes has 35-45 6SN7's so if you need some 6SN7's let me know....