Tube stage for CD player?

I have a Harmon Kardon CD player that is o.k. but the sound I get from vinyl is so much better. Is there a tube device that I can insert between the CD player and the pre-amp? I have a 12ax7 triode pre-amp with a Son of Ampzilla power amp. The CD player puts out a 2v signal and that's what I want from the Tube based link. I would just like to run the CD signal through another set of tubes. My phono stage uses 12ax7's. Is there something simple out there? Thanks.
jw94055,there is atleast 1 device out there that does what you want,its made by cary audio & the model is CAD5500 CD PROCESSOR,the black box device uses preamp tubes & there are atleast 2 different variations of the model,1 model has volume control & balance & the other has no controls at all.

i have been using the cary about a year with great results.

i run 2 older mcintosh cd players that are not the best sounding players but i really like the build quality so the cary really helps my sound alot.

neither of the models i mentioned are very costly,around
around 300$ to 500$ on ebay or audiogon & theese are full size peices of gear that fit in the rack nice.

hope it helps.
Musical Fidelity X10-D tube CD buffer. You should be able to find one used for under $100.

Good luck,
I think you'd be better off spending the money on a better player.
I agree with Phild. You might try a Cd player that comes with tubes. Check out the Audio Aero Prima. It's bigger Brother, the Audio Aero Capitole Mark II can be expensive but very nice.
You could pick up a Scott Nixon tube Dac used. It's out-put is not 2v as you want (I think it's 1.5v). Prpixel's suggestion is even cheaper. Space-Tech labs is another company to check out.

I also agree with phild, buy a new unit. How about the Ah-tjoeb?
Go with a Jolida JD-100. The tube is just after the dac and it does not contaminate the signal with op-amps and other active devices. Sound is sweet, dynamic and very palpable.
Tube Buffer
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second the musical fidelity x-10d and upgrade the tubes to sovtek e88cc . worlds better than the standard philips 6922