Tube/SS Recommendations

I'm searching for an amp/pre/integrated for use with my Rega Planet and Meadowlark Shearwater Hotrods. I'd like to keep it around $3000-3500. But of course, the less it it, the better.
Ideas I've had are:
New Audio Research SP16L with an Aragon 2002.
VTL 2.5 pre with Plinius 8200P
Plinius 8200Mk2 Integrated
Cary SLI-80

So far, I've not heard the Cary. I've listened to VTL's IT-85, back to back with the Plinius integrated. I thought the VTL was way too lean in the bass. Yes, the mids were a little sweeter, but I thought the VTL's lack of bass was a much greater sin than the slightly drier mid/highs.

Can anyone say good/bad/other about the above products, or recommend anything else in that $3K range for my Meadowlarks?

conrad johnson builds a 2500 dollar intergrated amp. the cav-50.
Blue Circle BC21 tube pre with BC22 solid state amp.
I listened to a Patricia Barber disc (Companion), and one of Stevie Ray's (Blues at Sunrise) at my local dealer. I know that the room probably made a huge impact on the sound (Big room, lots of wall treatments, carpeted-concrete floor), but I'm used to the intro to SRV's "The Sky is Crying" having some punch when the guitar and bass kick in. With the VTL IT-85, the vocals and guitar sounded spectacular. But there was no punch in the bass.
On the Companion disc, there's an instrumental track that has lots of percussion and upright bass. On my system at home (currently Rotel pre/power) the woofers on my meadowlarks are jumping like mad on that song. Not so at my dealer experience with same speakers and cd player. I'm worried that the CJ with similar power, and EL34 output tubes will have the same midrange sweetness, but the same lack of low-end punch. Am I right?
thanks for the responses.
Since you are concerned about the bass response with lower powered amps, you may not like my suggestion. On the Naim Audio forum, I believe there has been some comments that the Nait 5 works well with Shearwaters. This is a killer integrated at a great price - just reduced to 1450usd.