Tube /SS Question

I have an opportunity of buying a Jolida JD302B amp and I am also considering the Monarchy SM-70 Pro amp. I will be driving Heresy 2 loudspeakers.

I have always owned SS...yet have heard the advantage of tubes running horn loaded loudspeakers.

I would be using in the mix a Velodyne ULD 15/2 sub and also a Creek passive pre.

I would appreciate some solid guidance in helping me to decide.

Thank You,
You'll have to check with Monarchy if passive amp will be adequate with the amp. Some class "A" amps aren't compatible with passive pre-amplification. I am not sure in your case but double check first. Monarchy is nice, but do not know anything about Jolida. Klipsch can sound equaly good with either tube or SS. All depends on what are you looking for.
First of all, compatibility. As Kkursula suggests, check out:
*each amp's input impedance
*the Creek's impedance rating (or, its volume pot's)
*your source's OUTput impedance & voltage ratings.

That will give an idea if the match (i.e. passive driving the amp) is feasible in the first place.

Amps with an input impedance upward of 50kOhm are benign loads and are easier to drive with an attenuator, given the pots that usually circulate (~100kOhm).

Other than that, I have enjoyed the Heresy with ss and tubes, both...