Tube's needed, 6922's or equal for Preamp Qty.3

Okay first question,
#1- A good source for the tubes? I do know of upscale, but would like some other options, especially if they are cheaper and fairly good.

#2- problem is the preamp uses 3 tubes so getting a matched 'Tri' might be a bit tuff compared to Quads and pairs.

#3- The sound must be sweet and have good tube character, in otherwords I don't mind lush or warmth to some extent, but they must still be capable of dynamics especially solid bass.

#4- I have heard of some type of 'Ram' Tube's? Not sure but it looks like this is just a company from Cali that takes and matches your basic russian and whoever else's tubes as sets and sells with their name stamped on them... Are they good or someone to look for? I would most likely look into still manufactured tubes, like JJ tesla kinda stuff but would like to know the options if anybody else is good, and I am not willing to pay 100.00 per tube or something for old mullard, amprex, tungsol, but would pay for these NOS if they can be had at good prices and sonically sound close to what I have explained.

They will be in a type of Hybrid preamp, not sure it matters, but will be running Digital and Analog front end sources thru it, with A solid state phono stage built in. Thanks

Below are a few reliable sources I have used for purchasing vacum tubes.

Of the 6922's I have used I have settled on Electro Harmonix gold pins. Good dynamics and detail an excellent all around tube. I have also tried JJ tesllas, Philips JAN NOS and Sovtek with limited results.

I would not worry about utilizing matched pairs for a pre-amp application.

RAM (Music Reference or Rodger Modjeski) buys large quanties of Russian 6922's (he has bought other types in the past, but availability is an issue when I spoke with him a couple years ago.) He then subjects them to testing procedures which cull rejects and then grades them by noise level. Roger likes the Russian tubes reliability, but they aren't the last word in sonic refinement. Many love to disparage the Sovtek 6922, but I don't think it's a horrible tube by any means. The RAM's are expensive for what they are, but you're paying for USA labor rates to screen & test them. I've had generally good luck buying 6922's & 6dj8's off of Ebay from sellers that sell lots of tubes. Yeah, once in a while one has gone microphonic or noisy, but not a big deal when you only pay $20-$30 a pair or so. Look out for relabled Amperexes & Siemens, there are plenty of those still for sale. Chucks "tubestore" suggestion is a good one, they sell decent, reliable tubes.
Try Andy Bowman at Vintage Tube Services. You can get the link through the website. For warm, lush sounding tubes try Mullards, Clean accurate sounding tubes, try Seimans and WEST german Telefunkens of 60's vintage or earlier. That's my own humble opinion, your own tastes may differ. If they are to be used in a phono stage, you will need lower noise tubes, suited for that purpose. Ask Andy, though, as he is very knowledgable, and will probably even let you try several different brands so that you can make up your own mind. His prices are typically very fair, especially considering the service he provides for the money. Tube rolling is definately fun. Happy listening, and, Happy Thanksgiving!

A great source for tubes is Andy Bouwman at Vintage Tube Services. He can match any number of tubes for you and will do it correctly as well.

Go to his website at for the phone # and address.

Hope this helps,

Cool looks like I have some good ideas here.. If any more keep em' coming thanks!
Andy is the best, but I have also had good luck with Brendan Biever at Tube Depot is another place you may want to try.
Matrix and ALL

Be sure to click on all three of my links as they are to differenct sites. For some reason they all make reference to the tube store but the second one takes you to Triode Electronics and the third to Vacum Tube Valley.

Chuck, Yeah I saw that with the links, I got it thanks.
I have used a number of different sources for tubes. My current favorite is ASTI. Advantage Tube Services.
He can be found at
He has these NOS Russuan 6922's that he cryo's and they are very very good. Especially for the money. In my opinion up there with some of the best.

Here is a link to a person on e-bay selling EH 6922 gold pins. I have purchased tubes from him in the past and he is very trust-worthy. He sometimes lists these here on the gon.

Can anyone else comment on the cryo'ed NOS Russuan 6922, in terms of using them in a BAT VK-3i preamp?