Tube Rolling with MiniMax

For the MiniMax Phono users out there:

Which tubes (12ax7, 6x4)have you found to work well with this unit?
Hi: If you want a touch more body ( just changed over myself ) ..Use the RCA 5751 3 mica black plates..They sound awesome, along with the Tung sol 6x4 Rectifier..Thats what I am using and it makes a huge difference..If you don't want to go 5751 route I would suggest the 6x4 Tung sol and Tungsram 12ax7 ( Hungary ) ...Tubemonger usually has them.......I am also now using a Virtual Dynamics Nite 2 Power cord ( on the Minimax ) and Ridge Street Audio Poiema i/cs ( from Minimax to Linestage.......Also many like the Mullard repro 12ax7..but I found the Rca B/plates did the trick for me....Feel free to e-mail ...Hope that
I am also using RCA 5751 black plates after a lot of searching. I have used the Tung sol 6x4 as well as my current Ratheoyn 6x4. The sound is wonderful. Very airy, detailed, good solid base. I have thought of upgrading my phono stage because I felt I need to spend more money. The only ones that I have tried that I like better are the BAT 10se, manely steelhead and the aesthetix Rhea with tube upgrades.
Thanks for the responses so far. I'm searching around for the RCA 5751's and Tung Sol 6x4. I think that I may have seen the Raytheon at "tubemonger." I've currently got a GE 6x4WA.

Bill at MorningStar also recommended the TungSol blackplates or Telefunkens for the 12ax7's.

In the meantime, I've got a few 12ax7's that I can roll:

(1) Groove Tubes 12ax7-M
(1) Ei ECC83
(3) Jan Phillps 12ax7WA
(1) Jan GE 5751
various JJ's, Sovteks, EH with good numbers

By the layout of the unit, it appears that the 1 12ax7 is used as a "driver" tube while the others are dedicated to the left and right channels.