Tube rolling with adapters? 6922->5670->6sn7?

My AMR DP777SE has a tubed output stage with 5670's on pinout adapters. The pre-SE version used 6922s in those positions. I'm curious to try rolling some tubes.
Can the pinout adapter be removed and 6dj8/6922/7308's be used?
Can a pinout adapter for 6SN7's be substituted? I REALLY like the octal sound....
OK, the AMR is a DAC, but I imagine there'd be more tube knowledge in this forum than in digital.
Go figure.
Thanks for your help!

Try the Western Electric 396A / 2C51.
Not sure I’d bother going back to 6922 as AMR seemed to have gone to some trouble replacing them. Unless you’ve a CCa.
6SN7 draws almost 2x the heater current so probably not a good idea.
Thanks. That all makes sense. I'll look into the WE. Appreciate the lead!