Tube Rolling the Jolida/Black Ice dsd Dac

So I recently purchased the Jolida/Black Ice dsd dac and and a pair of Psvane 12ax7’s.  Played thru about 50 hours and while the soundstage opened up some, in my system detail seemed a little rounded off.  They probably need more hours, and  I recognize these are highly subjective impressions and system dependent, but then a friend gave me a pair of Fisher-era Telefunken’s to play with and I have tons of inner detail, imaging and a wide soundstage.  What I do find, however, is I have turn the volume up further on my passive pre-amp.  I have a pair of 50’s era RCA grey plates coming next week.  Pretty easy to go down the rabbit hole playing with tubes, but that’s half the fun of it.  Curious as to what other tubes Jolida dac owners are using. My system: NuForce STA-200 amp, Luminous Audio pre-amp with Walker mod, Bluesound Node2, and DIY LeCleach horn speakers. Mix of Cullen and Transparent Cables.

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I don't own a Jolida but I'll give you a bump here.  I wouldn't worry about having to turn up the volume on your pre.  As long as you can play your music loud enough you're OK.

You could try a pair of Siemens.  They're similar to Teles, but you may prefer them.  I like Amperex tubes.  They are pretty lively and are known for having a nice midrange.

You may experience something completely different with these tubes.  Their sound is system dependent, but Telefunkens, Siemens and Amperex are among the best vintage tubes.