Tube Rolling Recs for Jolida 603

Does anyone have any suggestions for tube rolling in the Jolida 603 CD player? And what will it do sonically / is it worth the money / with an AI Modulus 3A, ARC D90 and M-L Sequel IIs?

In most all, well designed tube equipment, the tube is the most critical element.What tube to use, is wholly dependent, on your tastes, and compatibility. AI's are rather hard on tubes, so a premium NOS could be an expensive proposition.The ruggedized tubes, are always the military tubes.By rolling tubes, you can tailor the sound to the limits of the gear. Yes, it worth it , sonic wise.Now you have to decide, if it worth it, pocket wise.
I've replaced the stock chinese tubes in the Jolida JD-603 with Matched Tesla/JJ 12AX7/ECC83's from Triode Electronics. After a few hours of run time, the sound is almost identical to my stock Marantz CD67SE in terms of frequency reproduction, but it is superior in terms of soundstaging. The music floats in the air much more than my stock Marantz, and instrument separation is heard much easier. I haven't tried using 12AU7, but apparently they can be used. You just get less gain (volume) using the 12AU7s.