Tube Rolling - Phase splitter

My 35w p/p monoblocks have a pre-driver (5687), phase splitter (12ax7), and two output tubes (6C33C). Would tube rolling have any affect on the sound in the phase-splitter position (12ax7)? Thanks!
I would say "yes".What aspects are you looking to change (warmer,more detail or ?).
I don't know a lot about this but I do know that the 12ax7's are high gain and you should be able to notice a difference.
Tpsonic - just curious at this time. I recently added a Harmonic Technology Photon Digital IC between the transport and the dac. WOW! The entire audio spectrum sounds clear as as the proverbial bell. Now, I 'might' want to add a little mid-bass warmth while maintaining the HF - if that's at all possible. Since I'm unable to roll the output tubes, that leaves the phase splitter (NOS Dynaco/Telefunken) and pre-driver (re-branded RAM Tube Works).
What are the units sitting on? A spongy footer might do it??
The Tele is a little lean for my tastes.You might look at the Mullard 4004/M8137.These have the body/warmth with a little more "sparkle" to the top-end (as compared to the standard "ax").
If you can source a pair of the Shuguang G8/G9 triple mica 12 ax 7s,you would probably be happy and at a much lower cost.These are a little hard to find,as they have ceased production.What they produce now,I can't comment on (not heard).