Tube Rolling on PSE HL1 hybrid line stage preamp

I just recently purchased a PSE Hybrid line stage pre-amp. I have heard that tube rolling can make a difference in this preamp. This thing is a real sleeper it easily equalled the Sonic Frontiers Line 3 and sounded much better than the VTL 5.5, Plinius M16, Classe CP-60. I have it paired with Vandersteen MOdel 5 speakers which are the front end of a home theater and 2 channel system. My amp is a Sim Audio Titan. The sound of this combination is awesome but I thought maybe could make it a litter better if someone has had experience with other than the Sovtek 6922's. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Is this a product of PSE and Dean Klinefelter of Minnesota? I ask because I have not heard much about his products in the last few years.

In response to your question about 6922 tubes, almost anything is better than the Sovtek. I would begin with Mullard, Siemens or Amperex 6922. Not knowing the sound of this product and what tonal change you are after, it is difficult to suggest a specific NOS tube.
Albert Porter,
Yes this is the PSE from Dean in Minnesota.
Dean is a great guy, hope the tube swaps bring the preamp to where you want it. I searched Google but could not find a page for PSE or an image of your preamp.
I'd just in case asked if matching is required. Pretty odd but Sonic Frontiers does...
Please note that 6922 often needs to be matched to itself as dual triode especially if used on output stages.
The Pre-amp has 2 6922's I was planning on making sure the tubes matched. I am not sure what you mean by dual triode.
I found a quad of Phillips JAN 6922 very reasonable priced but have not tried yet. They are supposed to be a very good value in 6922's. Does anyone have any experience with them.
I was waiting for someone else to respond to your question. I am not a fan of Phillips JAN 6922. They are almost as bad as the Sovtek in distortion and tonal balance.

Why don't you call Andy Bauman at Vintage Tube, 616-454-3467 or Bruce Wenger at BWS, 703-536-3910.

Based on previous experience with PSE products I would purchase Mullard or Telefunken (6DJ8 / 6922), rather than the Amperex or Siemens.

I would want to warm up the PSE just a little, particularly if your using digital as one of your sources.
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One Prof,
Yes I do mean Richfield, Pa. Right next to the big city of Evendale.
Albert Porter,
Thanks for the response. I am a novice at this tube thing. I always had solid state only and then Richard Vandersteen kept telling me I needed to experience the Model 5's with tubes and I am impressed indeed. I will call the people you suggested and look for something better. Thanks again for the input.
I agree with Richard Vandersteen about the inclusion of tubes. He has been making "that comment" for several years. It always brings a smile to my face when I hear people still repeating it.

If you should speak with Dean at PSE, have him call me. I would like to know how he's doing.