Tube Rolling on DK Design MKII

I just picked up one of these integrated's about a week ago. I am looking for suggestions on tubes. What is the best sounding tubes for all types of music - mostly jazz, classical, and soft rock.
Cryod Mullard CV2492. Absolutely kickass! A little costly, but worth every penney. This was also the tube that DK used at the HE2005 show with the Von Schweikerts. The sound was legendary.
There was a thread on this from a while ago
I tried many and ended up with the Cryoed Mullard CV2492 and also really enjoyed the Amperex white label PQ 7308/6922.
"The sound was legendary."

Must be a legend in their own mind
Uh Oh. DK thread takes a dark turn.....
Where do you get the Cryoed Mullard CV2492 tubes? Also, have you heard of Amperex Circa 1962 6dj8's and where can I get them - these were reccommended highly
Danlib1,Use the force as you don't know the power of the dark side :)
Can I assume, that the Cryoed Mullard CV2492 is a drop in replacement for the 6922??
yes, a CV2492 replaces a 6922
If you like the CV2492 you would go wild when you hear a Mullard CV2493 they are the unbelivably clean and full. I have to look up where I got mine. They were advertised for a long time about 6 months ago by an Audiogon dealer.
Try Tubemonger for the Cv2493 he may still have them and they cost about $45.

What are the sonic charicteristics of the Mullard CV2493? Thanks