tube rolling of Lector t CDP

Hi all

Did any of Lector 7 CDP owners (or previous ones) achieved meaningful upgrade (and to what extent) when rolling tubes to either the telefunken ECC801S (circa $400 a pair) or Valvo 6201 (circa $250 a pair) ?

Back when I had a Lector 0.6T CDP I found that the Telefunken ECC801S offered the best tonal balance and most coherent presentation. The other 12AT7 type I tried was a 6201 Sylvania Gold Brand which is nice for that application but I found the Telefunkens better to my taste with a bit more detail and extension. Noticeably better with massed instruments in orchestral music with better focus and separation. Hope this helps.
I presently have the Lector 0.6t CDP and upgraded to a pair of well tested Telefunken 12AT7s from Vintage Tube Services. The improvement was not subtle. I have also tried some of the RCA 12AT7 black plates and liked them, but not enough to permanently displace the Teles. Call Andy at Vintage Tube Services and discuss what you are looking to accomplish. He is an interesting individual and should be able to help you out.
I have tried the Mullards, Telefunkens, Sylvanias, Brimers, and RCAs in my Lector CDP-7T CD player. The Mullards always sounded the best to me. However, I recently bought a pair of the new Gold Lion Genalex 12AT7s and in my system they are the best of all of them. They seem to combine the best of the Mullards and the Telefunkens. I have also put the new Genalex tubes in my preamp (6922s) and in my phono preamp (12AX7s) and could not be happier. I think I am done with $400 a pair NOS tubes for good.