Tube Rolling MF X-CAN V3

Since has been down for 3 plus days now, thought I would ask this here.

I have been unsuccessful in finding out which tubes are in the Musical Fidelity X-CAN V3. Mine is new and I don't wan't to crack the case just yet.

I am wondering if any one has tube rolled their amp with success? A friend recomended a brand, unfortunatly I did not forward the email home and cant remember the tube manufacture.

Any advice is greatly appreciated.
I don't have any experience with the X-CAN but according to this review it uses two 6922 tubes. The specs published with the amp say two ECC82 tubes, are used. Those and the 6922 are the same tube with different designations.

Thank you had to go out to the MF web site and double check both the specs and the manual and no where does it say what tubes they use.

I have now read part of the article will have to finish it later.

Srar, again thank you.
The 6922 is the premium version of the 6DJ8 tube type. E88CC is the European numbering for 6922. Doing a Web search for 6DJ8/6922 will get you more options than you can possibly deal with. It's a very common tube type with prices ranging from $10 into the hundreds.
No No No ECC82s are 12AU7s Not that is a NOT 6922s. Which are indeed a sturdy -generally thought of as a better 6DJ8 or ECC88,
6922s are E88CCs and E188CC are 7308s as far I know the CCas are simply CCas but you won't want tobe competing for that pride of ownership unless you enjoy masochism..
there are a couple of ringers the Mullard Military E88CC is a CV2942 but they make a more lively version which is the CV2943 or E88CC-01. The there is the 7DJ8 but I am too tired to rememberber the EU designation and won't use them anyway.If you can wait let the market get oversaturated and the prices will stabilize at a lower level it is genuine hysteria.
There's a detailed description of the variations of the 6DJ8 tube family here.
Mechans, Thank you for the information.

Sfar, Thank you for the link very informative reading. I have bookmarked the page. A buddy of mine also pointed me to that particular website.

Being a tube newbee I have a lot to learn.

Thanks again.