Tube Rolling -Input vs. Output tubes

I was hoping to hear what other people's experiences are here. I've got a Cary V12r. Until today I had all the stock tubes in it, which is the 12 Ruby EL34, 2 new issue Electro-Harmonix EL84, and two GE 12BZ7 tubes. I've been contemplating rolling the power tubes, but was being cheap. (cheap vs. hi-fi - the never ending conflict) Today I was at my secret purveyor of old tubes and I got two NOS EL84s, labeled "Hammond" presumably for an organ, labeled "Made in England" and two NOS RCA 12BZ7. Installing the EL84s first made a discernible difference in the sound - quieter background, more definition to the instrument image, and more defined, tuneful bass. Anyone else have thoughts on the impact of input vs. output tubes on an amp's sound?
Tube rolling can be fun and make you a little crazy at times. Both input and output tubes make a difference. For me the output tubes have a greater effect. But they are usually more expensive.
What's especially interesting here is that the EL84s don't pass any signal, they are current sources for the 12BZ7s.

Ruby has rebranded several different EL34s. If yours are the Chinese/Sino they are surprisingly good, likewise the Tesla E34L with the rounded, domed, tops are just great.

Ruby also rebranded the Sovtek EL34G and that tube is not so good considering todays offerings. But the good news is that you have lots of choices in new EL34s and 6CA7s as well as the Russian 6P3S-E, which is a 6L6 type.
IMO, input tubes are more critical. The signal is very small while they have it.
Well, whatever it is, I certainly can't complain. In fact I went back and got two more pairs.