Tube rolling in the Candela

Hi all. For the Candela owners out there-what do you find to be the best sounding 12au7 and all its myriad variations in your system and what tubes have you tried? Also, I just picked up a Telefunken ecc82 red tip date coded Berlin, 1956. Are the red tips some special designation like medical equipment?

After trying various new production and NOS varieties, I've found cryogenically treated Gold Lions from Cryoset to work extremely well.  They are very even in frequency response and last what seems like forever.
I do not have the Candela, but in my tube equipment I have found the Mullard NOS cv4003 is the best sounding  12au7 tube for its rich midrange and fatigue free treble.  The RCA cleartops come in second.    Thy will take a lifeless sounding piece of equipment and make it sound great.  
The RCA cleartops come in second.   Thy will take a lifeless sounding piece of equipment and make it sound great.
I rather doubt Any tube can do that!
I liked the PSVANE for new tubes.
I liked the sound of the Psvane tubes and rather rapidly went through three matched pairs.  Good sound but they got noisy quickly.
 I use amperex bugle boy primarily or its Philips and valvo variations. The German valvo are equally good. Also When
i roll them it with a tungsrum that is very nice. Both seem to me very balance presentation. Mullard and clear tops are also very good depending on your tastes and equipment. I have tried the telefunken but for me they are a cold sound. Have not tried modern types as I have a lifetime stash of nos. The candela is one of those animals that is very balanced and allows for a wide variety of tubes to experiment with. 

Indeed it is. I have tried several nos tubes including Amperex, Telefunken, Mullard, RCA clear tops, CBS hytron...etc.I find for my system the Amperex 7316 with 'D' getter gives me the cleanest, most pleasing sound.